Leibster Leibster Leibster steps 1, 2, and 3.

Well, who says i never win stuff? Probably no one. It's not something that presses too heavily on my mind so i don't think about it often, or ever. hopefully my lack of winning isn't keeping you up at night. anyways, that being said, for me, one win, just one, carries me on a cloud of happiness for quite awhile.  and today my friend Heidi, nominated me for the Leibster Award. Apparently Leibster means favorite in German. I'm honored and flattered and honestly, am grateful that with this nomination comes a list of things to write about. i'm a little rusty. 

without further ado...here are the conditions and rules.

             1.  Post 11 random things about myself.
     2.  Answer the 11 questions my nominator set for me.
     3.  Create 11 questions for my nominees.
     4.  Nominate 11 other bloggers with fewer than 200       followers (no tag-backs).
     5.  Go to each of their blogs to tell them about their nominations.

tap tap tap...this thing on? Okay, let's go.  

Random facts:

1. i found mushrooms growing in my bathroom last week.  long story. (long story short, we probably need a new shower.)

2. i always draw a heart on my thumb nail with my index finger when i'm bored or nervous. 

3. i don't like hearts. i.e. heart inspired art, heart inspired clothing, heart inspired jewelry. 

4. i used to always count stairs when i would go up or down them.  i don't know when i stopped but i did. and i'm glad.

5. i take approximately 14 supplements per day. they keep me going and sometimes make me nauseous. 

6. i yearn for structure and self discipline like nobody's business.  

7. last week, i told a cricket to get out of my kitchen before ryan found him and he lost his life. he didn't listen and the kids found him the very next night. i went upstairs and plugged my ears while crayton did the deed. 

8. sometimes i wonder if i'm crazy. who talks to crickets?

9.  Little kid's long fingernails gross me out. like really gross me out. i carry clippers in my car and diaper bag. i have cut the nails of children i don't know very well.

10. i have a favorite swear word. it never ceases to feel good saying it. i know shouldn't have a favorite swear word. i am working on it. sort of. most of the time. 

11. i have always yearned for a country life. hard work, open air, dirt roads, animal smells, old house, barn, horses, no goats(!), chickens, and a cow. (12. i've always wanted a cow)

Heidi's 11 Questions for me:

1.  When was the last time you brushed your teeth?
Today at 3:30. for the record, that was the 2nd time. 

2.  How many days per week do you make your bed?

approximately .5 times.

3.  What does the last text you received say?

"I meant yummmmm"

4.  If you could do anything you wanted for a day, what would that be?

that's a tough one. it depends on the day. i would probably spend the day planning and carrying out a way to do what ever i wanted to for a month. kind of like wishing for more wishes from the genie. 

5.  Are most of your friends real or virtual?

most of my friends are real in every sense of the word. i have wonderfully beautiful people in my life. whether it's a hello in the hallway at church, a wave in the school pickup line, or a heart to heart conversation with a loved one, i value the people that i am surrounded by and count them as dear, real friends. 

6.  With how many adults have you spoken in person today?

one. two if you count my husband telling me goodbye this morning, and hello-goodbye as he got home from work and immediately left again. 

7.  What did you have for lunch (or your last meal) today?

i grilled some hamburgers. cut some carrots and celery sticks. baked some cauliflower wings (recipe at www.skinnytaste.com. and whipped up some homemade greek yogurt bleu cheese dressing(also at www.skinnytaste.com) delicious. 

8.  If you could go to lunch with anyone, with whom would you dine?

i've said it before and i'll say it again. Dolly Parton. all the way. 

9.  Are you hungry yet?  Or craving grown-up conversation?

i'm pretty much always hungry. and i'm not craving grown-up conversation because i'm tired and ready to climb into bed and watch my dvr list until i fall asleep.

10.  If your toenails are painted, what color are they?

usually some shade of red with coral undertones. but right now they are a dark chocolate brown with gold flecks. they've been painted over approximately 3 times. probably time for a pedicure. 

11.  What's your favorite Gavin story?

any post with a gavin video or picture makes me smile. that child is a precious, precious light in this world. i loved the 'church according to gavin' post. made me see the chapel through his eyes;). 

well, friends, my time here is done. i need to tag some people but have officially run right out of energy to look up blogs and tag people. when i do come back and tag you tomorrow, as heidi said,  don't feel like you have to do a big old post like this to accept your Liebster Award.  Just post the picture and know that I love ya!  If you'd like, it would be fun for me to read your random facts and see your answers to my silly questions. If you don't get tagged because my follow through known to be pathetic, especially in, but not limited to, this blogging arena, feel free to leave me a comment with your answers. fun right? 

1.  how many run ins with law have you had?
2.  what's the first question you'll ask God when you see him?
3.  how would your best friend describe you in 10 words or less?
4.  where in the world do you most want to visit? for how long?
5.  pets? no pets? pet peeves? 
6.  dream dinner date: who with? where? what's on the menu? 
7.  dream career (besides motherhood)?
8.  If you could go to lunch with anyone, with whom would you dine?
9.  what are your top 5 favorite books? 
10.  beach or mountains?
11.  if you could pick one car or vehicle to drive as your very own, no kids involved per se, (so it doesn't matter if they fit) what would it be?


DM said...

I'm so with you on the nail thing! lol

jessica said...

Seriously...I don't like hearts. I carry clippers with me too, when I taught I had them on my desk AND I still count stairs!!! Just three more things that remind me how destined we were to be friends...

Laura Kidd said...

First I love the questions your friend asked you and how you answered. Second I love the questions you asked and I am going to answer them here because they are fun questions, but I am not a very creative writer, so they won't fun answers. Just answers

1. When I was 11 I was caught shop lifting. The store just called my parents. Shocking! Traffic tickets of course.
2. I would ask God if I could meet His wife.
3. I hope my friends would describe me as: fiercely loyal, available and open to me, fun, genuine, loving.
4. I would love to visit Ireland for month or more.
5. No pets, and pet peeve is people leaving cupboards or drawers open (my children)
6. It would be fun to go to dinner with Tom Selleck and I think it would be steak.
7. I know it is not a glamorous career, but being an assistant to a famous person would be cool. I am the master at multitasking and completing check lists.
8. If I could go to lunch with anyone truly it would be all my friends at the same time. That would be the best
9. Top favorite books, Chronicles of Narnia, Walks on water, Peacemaker, Harry Potter series, scriptures
10. Beach, Beach, Beach, Beach,
11. I sold my convertible Rabbit after we got married to pay off my wedding ring. Wes has always promised to get me a convertible one day. It would love another convertible Rabbit,

I would love for you to answer your own questions. Thanks for making me think. FYI, I have no problem with hearts, or long finger nails. He he

runningfan said...

Thanks for playing, even though the picture had hearts. :)

Christy said...

You are so stinking cute and charming. I see a sitcom in your future.... :)

Jillian said...

Have I told you lately that I love you!!! Your blog always brings a smile to my face :-) I needed one today, thank you!!! Hugs to you!!

hilleryjennings said...

I must know what your favorite swear word is. I love you! I miss you too.

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