Lennon's Little Light

                            This is Lennon's Baptism invitation.  

She is such a little ray of sunshine in our lives.  We love her.  We love her presence in our home.  Often times, it's just quiet and comforting to have her around.  She quietly looks for opportunities to serve and help people who need help.  Sometimes, she loudly looks for opportunities to shine and be seen.  Sometimes in this family you have to make a ruckus to be noticed.  She is mastering the little balancing act of seeing and being seen beautifully at the tender age of almost 8.  She is a gift to us.  Always has been.  Alway will be. What an earthly angel I received when i birthed this beautiful little human being. My heart is full of gratitude as i reflect on her birth and life thus far.  


Laura Kidd said...

couldn't agree more about your/our sweet and sassy Lennon

Kristen said...

So beautiful. xoxo

Kristen said...

Ps. Cute blanket!

Dahlene said...

So cute! I remember when she was born! Congrats to her on her baptism. I love the video invite. You are so clever.

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