Writing Assignment #1

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This year, for my birthday Ryan signed me up for a writing class.  It's online and pretty interesting so far.  It's just getting started so we'll see how it goes.  i did my first assignment yesterday.  It was an invigorating little exercise.  We had to pick a color and write as if we were that color.  It had to be 250 words or less.  I'm going to post my assignments here if I liked doing them and found them to be a source of creative pleasure.  Maybe i'll go back and do them again if i am ever feeling stagnant.  Who am i kidding?  when i am feeling stagnant.  

Follow me to earth. I will beckon you out of your mother's cozy womb.  I will show you nourishment at your first drink in this life.  I will teach you to be playful and inquisitive when you watch me slowly spread and drip off of the ends of a table when chubby toddler fingers knock the cup of my whiteness over at meal time.  Laugh and splash and be joyful.  Then learn from me Diligence, as you are taught to clean up the messes we sometimes make.  I will teach you to be strong and distinguished when you see me donning a pointed collar and I will ask you to be reflectively soft when I blow with the flow of a breeze on a clothes line or in the sheer cloth of summer’s linen dress.  I will plead with little chocolate fingers and ketchup faces to snuggle deep into me when I cover mommy’s bed with my soft downy fluff.  They will learn comfort.  She will learn patience and wisdom.  Learn from me Respect.  I will slowly turn from brown to Silvery White on the heads of those who know more than you. Learn from their experience. My whiteness on their crown will be your cue to listen.  I am the color of the Whiteness of Light. Follow me out of this life and I will beckon you into Heaven’s open arms. 


Grammy Suzzy said...

Natalie...you are so amazing! A year or so ago, I decided to take a creative writing class through Rio Salado. I created things...or so I thought. Until I took that class. Hardest Thing Ever! I asked my future daughter in law, who loves to write, where she came up with her characters. She told me they were just there, in her head. I had NO characters in my head. I worked and struggled and listened to LOTS of Josh Grobin, just so I could complete the class. While I did get a good grade, I learned I was neither creative, nor a writer. You, however, my dear, are truly a writer. I always love reading your blog! And now this, your first class assignment, I could see it in my mind, I could feel it, I could taste it! Keep up the absolutely awesome work!!!! And, if you get a chance, continue to share!

Natalie said...

suzzy, nicest comment ever. Thank you so much!!! I bet you were more creative and a better writer than you think! You're so very sweet, Suzzy. Thanks again:)!

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